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Why Concrete

Our unique fiber-reinforced concrete has several advantages over traditional hard surfaces.
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Concrete Advantages

How Concrete Stacks Up

More Colors & Patterns

Concrete designs are not limited by what the earth creates or standard production line patterns. We are able to color match or pattern match almost anything.

Easy to Clean

Concrete surfaces are easy to clean, low maintenance, and food safe. Read more about our sealer and caring for your concrete surface below.


We utilize only the amount of material required to create each of our projects. Without the need to purchase by the slab or cut from a block, we reduce the waste generated from remnants.

Made in the USA

All manufacturing for Pro Concrete occurs in Minnesota, USA. Without the need to import materials, we have control over the quality, cost, and schedule of our products.

Easy Shape Modifications

Creating a 3D design such as reeding or fluting is typically time-consuming and expensive for traditional stone. We are able to achieve these modifications often for no additional cost unless the project is substantial in size.

Fewer Visible Seams

Pro Concrete does not join together traditional slabs to create our designs. Instead, concrete is poured into engineered molds, allowing us to reduce or eliminate visible seams, even with large designs.

Maintaining Your Surface

Concrete Care

Our concrete pieces are sealed with the highest performance coating, Omega Concrete Countertop Sealer™ from The Concrete Countertop Institute. The care and maintenance guide for this sealer is included here for reference.


Omega is a high-performance, food-safe, water-based sealer that provides excellent stain and abrasion resistance, requiring very little maintenance for years of quality service. It offers excellent protection and is very environmentally friendly. Simple maintenance in case of scratches or discoloration is all that is required in the unlikely event they occur. See the Touch-Up Kit for complete instructions on how to deal with scratches.


Omega is highly stain resistant and has been formulated to protect your concrete from many common staining agents. You should still use normal care with respect to water, oil, acids, and food. Spills should be wiped up as soon as possible, especially for aggressive staining agents such as hair dye, beet juice, berries, and mustard. Staining/discoloration can occur if staining agents are left on for an extended period of time. Should a stain occur, simply place a folded paper towel or cotton ball soaked with household bleach over the stain. Allow the bleach-saturated pad to sit until the stain is gone. This may take minutes or hours, depending upon the nature of the stain and how long it sat. You may need to put a cup on top of the pad to keep it from drying out. Bleach will not damage Omega.


Omega is very heat resistant and has been tested to 500°F (260°C). As with almost all types of countertop surfaces, you should still use trivets. Even though the sealer is very heat resistant, the underlying concrete may discolor or microcrack if exposed to high heat. The sealer would then be compromised by thermally induced microcracks, and in this case, the surface may appear “crazed” if wetted. The directions in the Scratch Repair Instructions document should be used as soon as possible to restore the stain resistance of the surface, just like it is used to touch up scratches.


Maintenance and cleaning couldn’t be easier. Damp cloths, mild detergents and other water-based cleansers with neutral pH are all that are needed. Examples are 409, Fantastik, Windex, and Simple Green. Vinegar, bleach and bleach-based cleansers are acceptable.

Avoid harsh, acidic cleaners and solvents. Abrasive cleansers or scrubbers should be never be used. These include Ajax, Comet, Brillo pads and 3M scrubbing pads, and all similar products. Abrasive cleaning products will scratch and damage the surface, compromising the sealer’s ability to protect the concrete.


Do not cut directly on the countertops; always use cutting boards. Knives will pierce the sealer, rendering the counters more susceptible to staining. Additionally, the concrete will severely dull the knife’s cutting edge. Scratches in the sealer could occur if heavy, rough or sharp objects are dragged across the countertop surface. Should a scratch occur, it can be minimized using the directions in the Scratch Repair Instructions document. It is important to repair scratches promptly.


Under ordinary use, Omega does not need to be periodically reapplied, like many inferior concrete countertop sealers. Like any other protective finish, severe damage may require resealing, but this is not because the finish wears off from normal use. Should damage occur, please contact your installer.


We will give technical advice and assistance for the lifetime of our products. We stand behind our products to provide a surface that will withstand normal countertop usage. Feel free to contact Pro Concrete Countertops at any time. Call Dian directly at 218.242.5398 or email dian@proconcretecountertops.com.

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